How I Arrived In NYC


So I thought I would do a quick recap of how I arrived in New York. While I was in college, I knew I had to leave Miami, FL. I have lived there all my life and was like an overgrown plant needing a new pot. The internet opened my eyes to what is out there. With this new knowledge, I was ready to launch. Especially after discovering The Great Discontent.

It was my first time leaving my family and was not an easy process. I planned everything out at least a year before the move. With support from my family, friends, and mentor, I was excited for my future. But I knew it wouldn't be easy. I always say, if everything was easy, life would be boring.

My mentor recommended Airbnb. It was such a great introduction to the city. It made my transition easy for me and for my worried parents. I lived in Sunnyside, Queens for 4 months.

After I made those reservations, I didn't even have a job lined up. I was coming with the idea to find a job not knowing how long that would take. A week before the move, I stumbled upon a tweet that Studio Lin posted looking for an intern. Now I was on my way to New York with an internship lined up at my dream studio. Never would I have thought I'd work with them. Never. Truly honored.

After living in Queens, I had to move out due to the nature of Airbnb's business. I found a roommate in Borough Park, Brooklyn. I stayed there 6 months in a basement that flooded. Because I was in a basement, I saved up to find this beautiful apartment seen above.

This whole journey has ripped me apart and brought a new self together a million times. I needed this. To get out of my comfort zone. I was very bored in Miami. So bored, I didn't have any motivation to make art. Living in a city full of energy and days that are never the same is why I love it here for now. Let's see what the future holds!