Secret Stash


Now this is a place I dreamed of visiting before coming to NY. The Herb Lubalin Study Center holds a large collection of not only Lubalin's work but of other unknown designers as well.

I've been following them on Instagram for a while now but hearing Alexander Tochilovsky's passion for understanding Lubalin's work was uplifting for me. Sometimes I feel like I have all these rambles about design history swirling in my head and it was comforting to know that Alexander said a lot of the things I've always thought about.

He mentioned that design has two layers. The first layer everyone sees is the aesthetics. The second layer is the structure and the reasoning behind every decision, usually a response from society. I see it like a time capsule. That's why I go nuts about this stuff. This type of work is part of our culture. I think that's what makes it beautiful.

Everything was made by hand. It was a very elaborate process that caused the designer to think of every single inch of the work. An interesting fact is that Lubalin didn't draw any of the type, which is indeed all hand drawn by professional typographers like John Pistilli.

And one last thing, Lubalin had empathy when he thought of his audience. That to me is the key ingredient that glued everything together. Bless him.