December Favorites


So it's dry af here in New York. I needed to moisturize asap. These two have saved me. I use the Clarins lip oil as part of my night routine. That way I wake up with lips ready to face the tundra out there. The oil is actually clear and has a delicate scent.

Aesop has stolen my heart and I can't look at any other skin care products. I hate seeing my cuticles dry cause then I start picking at them, as I've done this all my life. Bad habit I wanted to end and this has helped me stop!

That candle (Eclipse) is def a huge favorite as you can see. I can't describe the smell. It just makes my eyes close and roll back. In just one hour your whole room is scented and lasts too! And yes, Yoshi is forever my Mario Kart spirit animal.


The new Lance Wyman book is as warm as drinking hot chocolate in this Aandersson mug. 


Eating french toast with my lovely friend, Steph, at Greenstreet was a treat. Excited for her plans this year!


My sister's christmas tree brightened up my days while hanging in her room.


December created many happy and sad memories for me. Those opposites always coexist with each other, so what's a girl to do? Make the best of it. All these items and memories with people made me very happy. The only sad thing was seeing my dog in her final years. She's in her last year now and it was hard to accept it at first. I've never had a pet pass away so it's been hard for all of us. She has lived longer than she supposed to, because of how much love we give to her. Love goes a long way.

On a lighter note, I had a wonderful time going back home. It felt very strange walking into my room again a year later. It was like I revisited my old self and cringed! I saw how I used to think and what I felt before I moved. At first I thought I was so dumb but then I realized I was just young. Miami will always be home to me in all its tacky glory.