100 Hours of Kindness


Tools of trade. I would start the base line drawing with the HB pencil. The next layer was either 2B or 4B depending on the time/mood. My favorite layer was the 6B. That's where I saw them come to life. The heavy ass 8B pop and locked in the darkest darks. Look how small they got! (Casey with his usual headphones was a crowd favorite)


The 8B lead leaves a beautiful foil-like shine to the drawings.


I like how the boss came out different from the rest. He breaks the grid just like he does at work with his humor. (This was his "the most interesting man in the world" pose)


I remembered this photo after completing the project!


Some things don't change.

You must be wondering why the hell would I spend 100 hours drawing these people. There's a few reasons why I did this. On November 2015, I was asked to make a 2015 Yearbook for the company I work for. First off, I love books. Second, I saw this as the opportunity to get back into my passion. Since yearbooks are about the people, I had to draw all my co-workers. They thought I was crazy once they saw how long it took me to do just one portrait, which was 5 hours. The only time I could work on them was at night and weekends. I'm so grateful that they gave me this much time to make this book look poppin. The book will be sent to print this week! I will make another post showing these in application.

The other reason why I felt strongly and happily to do this was because of my past work experiences. Working with people you like really affects everything. I have never worked with such a kind and funny group before. Which is why I wanted to capture their personalities as best as I could. I'm so happy to have found this place. It leaves me with room and energy to work on my personal projects now.