Winter Favorites


After eating at Russ & Daughters, I craved the everything bagel with cream cheese, salmon, and onions. I had to recreate it at home during the weekends.


Another favorite is the 8 grain toast with avocado smashed as a spread, sprinkled lightly with salt and pepper, topped with a sunny side egg with Italian cheese melted on top. Recently I've added sriracha and it's incredible. Eggs & sriracha combo is explosive, in a good way.


I had finished reading all the Great Discontent interviews on my daily commutes and needed to get something else to read. "The Selfish Gene" was on my Amazon wish list for the longest. I was never a huge book reader. I got into books once I got serious with graphic design. But never for leisure. I liked fiction when I was younger, but now I just want facts to understand why everything works the way they work. And so far, this has confirmed everything I've always thought. Love you Richard~


I fell in love with this hat, couldn't stop thinking about it, and needed to have it for winter. The packaging was too good to not photograph.


My neighborhood doesn't have the greatest food options. Especially groceries. So Whole Foods is the next best thing for me. I got tired of coming home with bulky, dry brown bags. I went to my trusty Baggu and bought two reusable bags. They hold heavy items well and can sling it over my shoulders so I can smoothly go through the subway turnstiles.


Ok, are these sauces saucy or what? I tried their ketchup at Bareburger and was as pleased as the mustache chap. A bit pricey but so worth it.


It looks like I only buy products if they have good design. That could be partially true. But how can you not want to buy this tuna can? 


Just look at this exquisite design. Flawless. I never thought I'd be into hot sauce but what a difference it makes. Put sriracha on everything.


Aesop at it again. I started using this every Sunday as part of my night time routine and it is truly amazing. It gently takes away the dead skin that shows up after you cleanse. Makes you feel like a million dollars afterwards.

This song makes me so happy. I never liked the original but this is A+