Kate's Hot MS


The month of March was a pretty brutal one. I lost a loved one and had the worst flu ever. But today was a feel-good day. I've been searching to donate my time to help others and then I heard my calling. My coworker Katie announced she was doing a walk for MS. We then find out that she actually has it herself. I felt absolutely sad for her. But she is so positive about it that my sadness went away when I realized all she needs is the best support around her. The most I can do to help was to support her cause.

Walking with so many people that care about something was uplifting from the bad month I just came out of. I learned more about what MS is about. It's a disease that attacks the nervous system. There is no cure for it yet. Some people show symptoms, some don't. Some can die from it, and some don't. Life can be complicated but when people unite together for something so positive, that's all it's about. We need each other. I felt so happy to be there for her.

It was lovely to end the walk at her bf's apartment to have brunch. We had Harry's pizza which I now want to take everyone to. Katie also made a delicious blueberry cake. I'm all about the berries. The apt had a funny dog that I became bff with as usual. If you need me to calm a dog down call me. I somehow end up doing this every time I'm at someone's place.

Spring is here and I can't wait to not wear the same 5 sweaters I've been wearing for the past 6 months.