April Favorites


I was on the hunt for a simple and elegant bag that won't kill my shoulders when I travel. Which I've been doing more often now! As always, I have a mental picture of what I want in my mind until I find it. Sometimes it takes months or even a year or two. My patience never proves me wrong when I know I found it. After around a year, here it is. Poketo is the store that blessed me with this beauty and I'm over the moon. I ended up being the last one to purchase it before it went out of stock! I flipped when I saw there was 1 left. It sold out in a day!


So there has been a wave of being a health nut lately. I don't think it's a bad trend. I usually hate following trends. But I see so many benefits that I can't help but feel inspired by it. In the weekdays I eat breakfast around 7 AM. This is early as balls for me. So when 11 AM rolls around at work, my stomach yells at me to eat something so I can hold it by 12 PM. Our office administrator purchased these for us and they actually taste good! I feel healthy and energized. It doesn't fill me up TOO much before lunch. (I have a stomach the size of a fist) Plus, how can you not resist that nice logotype?


I did a quick pit stop at Urban Outfitters to purchase some staple things for my upcoming mini vacation. I picked up these interesting earrings. I'm always attracted to things that have a futuristic feel to them. Makes me feel alien, I mean, ~progressive~.


Now this book was amazing. There were times in the subway where I had to close my mouth from being awed constantly. I was sad when it finished! Steven writes like he is talking to you, which is the best. It made me appreciate the most common things we use everyday so much more.


Alright. I hopped on the yoga train. My friend Steph recommended me a yoga app back when I was in Miami. The biggest health issue I had were my menstrual cramps. They crippled me to pieces. I remember having to leave during high school/jobs/events because I couldn't function at all. I have a fibroid that temporarily forms during the cycle. Thanks nature. But, I have noticed a HUGE difference because of my new lifestyle. I am walking and taking stairs EVERYWHERE. I've only had one bad case so far here! 

It's nice practicing at home but I wasn't sure if I was doing the poses right. So now I regularly go to classes every week and wow. I never thought I'd be this into it. During the first class, I felt my body thanking me. What the hell. Yes, it happened. It feels so good. I get home and I want to continue doing it! Also, it helps me with my posture which is the biggest goal I've set for myself. I have the tendency to hunch when I'm tired or uncomfortable. I know this is going to change that.


I've felt a recent sadness in music. It is an end of an era for the music I used to like. I still do, don't get me wrong. Around 2012-2104 nu disco was on fire. I remember saving at least 4 songs a day. Now I don't see that anymore. I looked up the artists and what they're doing now and they're all either making an album or touring in foreign countries. But I don't think that sound will come back. So while reminiscing, and not having new music, I found this song above. Douze, what have you done. I'm so obsessed I had to purchase it. Only found on Youtube of course. Let's see where music evolves to next.