Beach Bliss


One of the perks of living deep into Brooklyn is how close I am to the beach! I headed over to Jacob Riis Park this Memorial weekend. I was excited to visit a new beach that wasn't crowded like Coney Island.


Beautiful 1890's clock ticking true to time! Arriving this early is the best decision to do if you want that serene beach atmosphere. I left around 1pm and it barely got crowded.  The clock has mini dragons as a subtle detail.


This park is full of interesting history. You know me and my love for old things that has a history of progress. The book I mentioned in my April Favorites 2016 actually talked about Jacob Riis. I didn't put the two together until I saw a sign with a brief history of why they named the park after him. He basically took the new invention of flash photography to document how terrible the immigrants were living around the 1900's. He helped spread their sad state of living to the city and that's how they started public housing.


Detail of the octagonal tower from the art deco bathhouse. Today it stands abandoned with so much potential.


Brought my little trinkets with me while I sunbathed. I did some mudra breathing before laying down and it took me somewhere else. The salty ocean breeze was flowing perfectly around me and opened up my nostrils. Spa treatment for free, no medicine needed. Nature is the cure y'all.

I got this Swell bottle before I started blogging but it stands as the best water bottle I've ever had. Plastic bottles tend to get stinky and doesn't maintain a steady temperature. This one is stainless steel and doesn't hold any smells and keeps my water very cold for HOURS. They come in so many cute color/textures! Worth the price.

The Sun Bum Lip Balm is incredible. Great to go outside with and smells/tastes AMAZING. I got the pomegranate flavor. Ugh.

Oh and the traktor towel is from Marimekko! Very soft and good size.


Ok this topped it off obviously. The park has many food options to choose from with a little live music playing and my heart couldn't take it. Seriously this place has such a great friendly atmosphere. 

This has to be one of the most glorious days I've had here (besides skating next to the abandoned NY Expo 1964 towers @_@). It's the next day and I still feel it! I got that cookie colored tan I used to get when I was little and always playing outside. The park also has an abandoned bunker and other military abandoned buildings beside the beach area. I didn't get to it cause the sun drained me but I def want to go back.