Secret Garden


I went for a lil stroll around East Village today. It started off as a sunny day and according to the weather, it was just going to be cloudy. Nope. After I got a Salty Pimp from Big Gay Ice Cream, it started to rain. I still headed on over to 6BC Botanical Garden. What a cute and serene getaway! Since it was raining, not many people were around. Made it a bit more magical.

As I was fumbling around with my camera, I felt something weird when I put my foot down. It was that black cat! I'm not a fan of cats. I don't understand them. But this one instantly became my side kick. It made friendly gestures to me and followed me around the whole time! He or she had a funny personality as it would jump on top of rocks and stare in the distance.

Walking around the neighborhood made me realize how distinct each neighborhood is here in NYC. In a couple blocks, you have a completely different feel. As I walked around, the stores and the people give you clues of what the neighborhood is like. I heard someone practicing their saxophone, passed by a bunch of painted Ukrainian eggs, and saw a family preparing for dinner. It's better than tv. It changes your perspective instantly. Sometimes if I'm feeling stuck, I just take a stroll like this and my mind is refreshed. Also catching new Pokemon on the way doesn't hurt either ;)