Poké & Posters


I have a new food fav. Poké bowls. I first tried it at Pokéworks and changed my life. So I find out it's a pretty common dish in Hawaii. Now it's so popular here, that you have to arrive at the place right when it opens to avoid a 30 min wait. I tried the bowl above at Chikarashi and it was very good. I love that the rice had its own touch of garlic flavoring to it. I hate eating plain white rice without anything else in it. So this was good. Pokéworks still holds as my favorite poké place though. The logo may or may not have something to do with it. 


If you wanted to know what pure bliss for me is like, it's this. Phillip Williams Posters is an incredible collection holding 500,000 pieces of art. The cool thing about this place is that they have the posters on rotation so when you visit the next time, you see a new set. They also have the collection online to browse through. While I was in school, posters lit up a fire inside of me. I almost cried when I entered this place. I told one of the workers there how overwhelmed I was and then he offered to show me more in their computers. I had to pass that for the moment. I was flipping out.


The fact that they didn't have computers to do this is what makes them so beautiful. There was no technology to advertise a place or event. You had to try really hard to make sure this one piece was eye catching and unforgettable. So much care and effort.


I was amazed how well the colors were holding up. Some of these dated back to the 1800's.


Before visiting that poster museum, I remember passing by this sign a few times in the past. I thought it was a modern take of a vintage sign and kind of disregarded it. BUT, it isn't. It actually dates back to 1910. There are some ghost signs around the city that continues to intrigue me. Like seeing those posters above, it does feel like I'm going back into that time period when I see them. I start picturing what it was like at that time. So now I'm starting a personal project where I'm bringing these signs back to life. 


I can't get over this. It doesn't help that I want a dog badly.


You know how they say New York is magical. Well sometimes it is. I was just taking a quick snapshot and this adorable girl ran across dressed up as Princess Leia and ended up in the shot.