Fall Favorites


Lush has made a comeback into my life since 2006. I know, a really long time. But I've gotten into this 'taking care of myself' routine that keeps me sane in this dirty, smelly ass city. The best I can do is be clean and smell good myself to not let it get to me. Plus, they're just so fun to use!


Silky Underwear smells incredible. It's like a powdered lotion you can apply anywhere. I like to put it on my feet before going out so that my winter boots don't make me sweat. It made me realize how much I love the smell of jasmine. Reminds me of a plant we had in our backyard when I was little.

Happy Happy Joy Joy is a head turner. At first I didn't feel it detangling my hair but it grew on me. Now I can't go without it. I sometimes catch whiffs of it when I turn my head and it smells amazing as well. It does make me feel happy at 6:30am when I'm showering half asleep.

Twilight is a cute lil bonus shower gel that came with Sleepy. Sleepy is the lotion I was looking for to relax at night. I love it to pieces. It make me feel warm and cozy and gets me ready to sleep. Lavender is truly calming.

The green mask, Love Lettuce, smells darn good too. I love face masks cause I get to feel like a monster for 10 minutes. When it starts getting dry on your face is my fav part. This has lavender as well, going with my relaxing theme.

Last but not least is Pumice Power. My sis recommended it to me so I gave it a try. I do like it, I am a huge fan of oranges, it makes my feet feel extra clean. I think it will be even better if I were to use it during the summer where I use sandals more.


Ok, the internet is not how it used to be. Which I think is a good thing. When I was in school, I'd spend HOURS scrolling forever. Learning the most I can about life pretty much. I don't regret any single minute of it but I do feel happy that I don't do that anymore. It's not particularly healthy. So to continue my learning, print has made a comeback that makes storytelling a bit more special. 

I went to Kinokuniya, one of my favorite bookstores, and found these magazines there. They don't feel like magazines at all. I love reading personal stories with an interview format. B is a branding magazine that highlights one brand per publication. It talks about the good and bad things each brand has by interviewing different people who use the products. Her. magazine interviews different women and their creative pursuits.

I also like reading these with jazz playing in the background so I feel like I'm in Barnes and Noble/Dean and Deluca. Pinky up.


I was looking to get some sugar at Whole Foods when I saw one of my favorite logos sitting below me. FHK Henrion is forever a genius to me. Such a beauty ~ Plus, I get to bring home a lil bit of England  ;)


I'm gonna try to keep this short and simple. Katniss Everdeen is me living in NYC. I've never felt so connected to a story before. I read through all three of the books so quickly. I did see the first movie before, but it was a while back so it was kinda new to me while reading it. After finishing each book, I had the biggest urge to see the movies to refresh my visuals. The books def have more visuals and details that the movies couldn't cram in. So sad when it was all over but glad it happened.

Music has been so scarce omg. Shoot me in the foot. Sunni Colon came to the rescue with this new genre of alternative rock and disco. Bless him.