Brunch & Art Hopping


I feel like I haven't gone on an adventure in a long time. It's hard to go out in the winter and explore freely without thinking are my fingers going to fall off. Since I finished my 100 days of colors project, I had to create a mission to explore in another way. I've learned to appreciate indulging in quality food, art, beauty, and style. It makes my soul feel refreshed. I'm the type of person that needs positive and forward-thinking things around me at all times. It feeds to my productivity. I know if I'm not productive in some way, sadness starts creeping in and I try not to let that happen. This makes me feel good and want to continue doing good things for others. That makes me happy.

So I headed to Nickel & Diner this morning, taking advantage of the 50 degree weather. I've always wanted to try Eggs Benedict. It was incredible. I actually passed this place last week while heading to By Chloe, which is delicious as well. Their interior design is on point. They took something vintage and made it look fresh and spacey~

I then finally got to visit CW Pencil Enterprise. Y'all know how much I love and use pencils. The place is adorable and the girl that worked there was very friendly and informative about everything. She recommended the coolest things to me like her favorite erasers and pencils that go super dark and creamy. I bought a couple of things and it came out to be like $7! And the way she packaged it! Attention to detail always wins. What was also cute were these two older ladies talking to us about how these pencils brought memories to them when they were in primary school in eastern Europe.

Matcha. Everyone goes crazy for it here. Honestly, the colors are pretty but the taste is super weird. It tastes like seaweed sometimes. I don't mind seaweed in my sushi but in a drink, I said wut every time I sipped. After I ordered a matcha latte, I noticed the coconut flavored one. That prob tastes better. Cha Cha Matcha's pink and green brand colors are basically my childhood. I would play with my mom's sewing spools and make them into 'couples' or 'teams'. My favorite combo was pink and kelly green. I had no idea what complimentary colors were at 6 years old, but it just felt so right.

Canal Street Market  was my last stop. There was this cute little studio set up where artist, Kristin Texeira, makes her work there. Even though she wasn't there, I felt her cute personality with the notes she left behind. She had a note asking people to leave their weird dreams behind so that she can make pieces about them. Inspiring chic.