Summer Favorites

Howdy. It's taken me a while to adjust my new life in Miami again. But let me tell you, I'm still thrilled to be back. My new job has been incredible and feel very lucky to be there. I love how international it is and gives me the opportunity to travel. When I was younger, I pictured myself traveling to many places when I was older. Traveling is so nourishing to the soul and creativity.

The little collection above is some of the new beauty items I've been loving this summer. Swedish packaging aesthetic ✓

Young Frankk  earrings

Young Frankk earrings


Miami has changed so much! There are so many cool places I've found and want to visit that definitely was not here 3 years ago. I bought these city guides as research for work but I secretly want to collect all of them.


I also found the bathing suit of my dreams from Solid and Striped. I had to pair it with off white sliders from Vince. The cute bottles from Function of Beauty are now part of my hair routine. You can customize your shampoo/conditioner according to whatever problems you want to fix. Me being the oil factory that I am, I wanted something that can at least hold my excess oil until the end of the day. Trust me, I can't go a day without washing. I look like Sméagol the next day. 


I blend into my avocado float!

I blend into my avocado float!

Tatiana Gancedo