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Goodbye New York City

After living in NYC for almost 3 years, my time has come to an end. I started this blog talking about how bored I was of Miami and needed a challenge in my life. And boy, did I get that. I'm going to start off by saying I do not regret living there one bit. I'm very thankful it happened. Would I do this again? Nope.

I suffered a lot in NYC. All because I had a specific lifestyle I wanted to live, and I found this out by going through these obstacles. As everyone knows, NYC is a monster within itself. It is difficult. I thought I could prove it wrong with working hard. There are a lot of things that I didn't know and now I know by my own experiences.

I came here to get better. To get rid of my fears. To become stronger. And I feel I got what I wanted with my career and personal goals. I have a wider perspective on life and came out with new goals. In terms of my career, I got exactly what I wanted. I got to work at my dream studio and got to work with many different types of people. I started off working with a small amount of people and grew to experience a diverse group of coworkers. I've met some of the shittiest and sweetest people ever.

NYC is such a high contrast. You either love it or hate it. It's either freezing or like a sauna. You encounter very rich people, to people who work so hard and don't get paid much. More than one paycheck went into my rent. After living with roommates, I realized I have to live alone or with people that I love. I can't deny that I'm a homebody and my home is very important to me because as an introvert, this is where I recharge. I did not sleep in those 3 years I lived there. It is the city that never sleeps. If I don't get 8 hours of sleep, I do not function.

My ultimate dream was to live a few years in NY and then move to Europe. But this whole terrorism thing going on changed everything. That's when I felt I needed to come home. It made me realize how important my family is to me. They have worked so hard to help me succeed and I couldn't continue seeing them grow old without my help. I couldn't have done this without their support.


I was homesick. I wanted to get a dog but I lived too far away. I couldn't go out with people because I lived too far away. It was all I can afford on my own. I missed the sunshine. I missed my people. Being back home, I've never felt so much happier. I hugged my washing machine. I hugged Publix. Miami has changed since I left. I was so focused on my career after graduating, that now I can focus on the people I love and care about. Graphic Design can chill out.

I didn't expect to come home this early, but I found an opportunity here in Miami that I couldn't pass. I'm excited for this new chapter that I will confront with new knowledge and perspective, thanks to NYC.

Brunch & Art Hopping

I feel like I haven't gone on an adventure in a long time. It's hard to go out in the winter and explore freely without thinking are my fingers going to fall off. Since I finished my 100 days of colors project, I had to create a mission to explore in another way. I've learned to appreciate indulging in quality food, art, beauty, and style. It makes my soul feel refreshed. I'm the type of person that needs positive and forward-thinking things around me at all times. It feeds to my productivity. I know if I'm not productive in some way, sadness starts creeping in and I try not to let that happen. This makes me feel good and want to continue doing good things for others. That makes me happy.

So I headed to Nickel & Diner this morning, taking advantage of the 50 degree weather. I've always wanted to try Eggs Benedict. It was incredible. I actually passed this place last week while heading to By Chloe, which is delicious as well. Their interior design is on point. They took something vintage and made it look fresh and spacey~

I then finally got to visit CW Pencil Enterprise. Y'all know how much I love and use pencils. The place is adorable and the girl that worked there was very friendly and informative about everything. She recommended the coolest things to me like her favorite erasers and pencils that go super dark and creamy. I bought a couple of things and it came out to be like $7! And the way she packaged it! Attention to detail always wins. What was also cute were these two older ladies talking to us about how these pencils brought memories to them when they were in primary school in eastern Europe.

Matcha. Everyone goes crazy for it here. Honestly, the colors are pretty but the taste is super weird. It tastes like seaweed sometimes. I don't mind seaweed in my sushi but in a drink, I said wut every time I sipped. After I ordered a matcha latte, I noticed the coconut flavored one. That prob tastes better. Cha Cha Matcha's pink and green brand colors are basically my childhood. I would play with my mom's sewing spools and make them into 'couples' or 'teams'. My favorite combo was pink and kelly green. I had no idea what complimentary colors were at 6 years old, but it just felt so right.

Canal Street Market  was my last stop. There was this cute little studio set up where artist, Kristin Texeira, makes her work there. Even though she wasn't there, I felt her cute personality with the notes she left behind. She had a note asking people to leave their weird dreams behind so that she can make pieces about them. Inspiring chic.

Personal Projects

I finally finished my 100 Days of NYC Colors! And I also finally finished my second typeface that I collaborated with font queen, Angelica Baini! Starting the year with a BANG, am I right?

You can read more about it on my Instagram and Behance (that I just got back into after a 4 year hiatus). Now I can get back into drawing again! Too excited about all of this!!

Fall Favorites

Lush has made a comeback into my life since 2006. I know, a really long time. But I've gotten into this 'taking care of myself' routine that keeps me sane in this dirty, smelly ass city. The best I can do is be clean and smell good myself to not let it get to me. Plus, they're just so fun to use!


Silky Underwear smells incredible. It's like a powdered lotion you can apply anywhere. I like to put it on my feet before going out so that my winter boots don't make me sweat. It made me realize how much I love the smell of jasmine. Reminds me of a plant we had in our backyard when I was little.

Happy Happy Joy Joy is a head turner. At first I didn't feel it detangling my hair but it grew on me. Now I can't go without it. I sometimes catch whiffs of it when I turn my head and it smells amazing as well. It does make me feel happy at 6:30am when I'm showering half asleep.

Twilight is a cute lil bonus shower gel that came with Sleepy. Sleepy is the lotion I was looking for to relax at night. I love it to pieces. It make me feel warm and cozy and gets me ready to sleep. Lavender is truly calming.

The green mask, Love Lettuce, smells darn good too. I love face masks cause I get to feel like a monster for 10 minutes. When it starts getting dry on your face is my fav part. This has lavender as well, going with my relaxing theme.

Last but not least is Pumice Power. My sis recommended it to me so I gave it a try. I do like it, I am a huge fan of oranges, it makes my feet feel extra clean. I think it will be even better if I were to use it during the summer where I use sandals more.


Ok, the internet is not how it used to be. Which I think is a good thing. When I was in school, I'd spend HOURS scrolling forever. Learning the most I can about life pretty much. I don't regret any single minute of it but I do feel happy that I don't do that anymore. It's not particularly healthy. So to continue my learning, print has made a comeback that makes storytelling a bit more special. 

I went to Kinokuniya, one of my favorite bookstores, and found these magazines there. They don't feel like magazines at all. I love reading personal stories with an interview format. B is a branding magazine that highlights one brand per publication. It talks about the good and bad things each brand has by interviewing different people who use the products. Her. magazine interviews different women and their creative pursuits.

I also like reading these with jazz playing in the background so I feel like I'm in Barnes and Noble/Dean and Deluca. Pinky up.


I was looking to get some sugar at Whole Foods when I saw one of my favorite logos sitting below me. FHK Henrion is forever a genius to me. Such a beauty ~ Plus, I get to bring home a lil bit of England  ;)


I'm gonna try to keep this short and simple. Katniss Everdeen is me living in NYC. I've never felt so connected to a story before. I read through all three of the books so quickly. I did see the first movie before, but it was a while back so it was kinda new to me while reading it. After finishing each book, I had the biggest urge to see the movies to refresh my visuals. The books def have more visuals and details that the movies couldn't cram in. So sad when it was all over but glad it happened.

Music has been so scarce omg. Shoot me in the foot. Sunni Colon came to the rescue with this new genre of alternative rock and disco. Bless him.

Museum Expedition

Every weekend I try to have some sort of plan in mind in order to experience something new. I say some 'sort of plan' because nothing goes as planned here. 


As you probably know, I've been trying to finish up my 100 Days of NYC Colors project that has been going on for quite some time. I do some crazy weird things in order to get something that feels satisfying. I was down by that path when I saw loads of people on top of a rock. So I went and found the path and climbed it with my platform heels and SLR camera dangling on my neck. Very smart. And this was the view from that rock. Very cliche touristy pic as you can see. Don't follow the crowds.


But on my way down, fighting really hard not to twist my ankle, I get a glimpse of this rock texture I was holding on to dear life. So glittery and glamorous these billion year old bedrocks are.


Central Park wasn't really in the plan for this weekend. It was actually visiting The Met Breuer. Hence why I was struggling with my heels and spontaneous rock climbing. But since the subway has many crazy changes during the weekend, it's unpredictable where you'd end up. So to my benefit, I had the option to walk through Central Park to reach the museum.


What's a post without some food? I was starving by the time I walked a mile to get here. I grabbed a sandwich and this lil guy, a savory scone. Sorry too hungry had to take some bites before the pic.


Kerry James Marshall's work stood out to me the most. The way he makes his figures so dark that you only see their eyes is incredible. So many stories and feelings behind each piece. I found it interesting that the majority of people viewing the pieces were caucasian. Makes you think a little bit more than what you see in the frame.