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Icy Signs

January has had me in bear mode. I knew this would happen before the winter hit and planned to work on a huge project for work and myself. While I'm slowly getting towards the end goal with that project, I decided I needed a mini break. I heard about this Coney Island exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and I knew I had to visit as a huge fan of its history.

As always, what I went to see is not what I thought it would be. It actually was very dark and sad. I learned why Coney Island has a weird vibe. Before seeing that, I ran into Icy Signs. At first it was overwhelming to see these very large four pillars tower over you filled with very bold graphics and poems. But as I exited the dark side of Coney's history, returning back to the colorful and positive vibes Stephen Powers and his team collected, I got to take it in better.

All of a sudden, Stephen was there with his friend Tim painting live. I've never witnessed this happen at a museum. Knowing Stephen's work for years, it was quite an emotional experience. I didn't think I'd feel this way but I understood why he did that. It made me realize how much respect is formed when you see artists dedicated to their craft. And how sweet they are with their viewers. I definitely got more engine fuel for my next project.