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Poké & Posters

I have a new food fav. Poké bowls. I first tried it at Pokéworks and changed my life. So I find out it's a pretty common dish in Hawaii. Now it's so popular here, that you have to arrive at the place right when it opens to avoid a 30 min wait. I tried the bowl above at Chikarashi and it was very good. I love that the rice had its own touch of garlic flavoring to it. I hate eating plain white rice without anything else in it. So this was good. Pokéworks still holds as my favorite poké place though. The logo may or may not have something to do with it. 


If you wanted to know what pure bliss for me is like, it's this. Phillip Williams Posters is an incredible collection holding 500,000 pieces of art. The cool thing about this place is that they have the posters on rotation so when you visit the next time, you see a new set. They also have the collection online to browse through. While I was in school, posters lit up a fire inside of me. I almost cried when I entered this place. I told one of the workers there how overwhelmed I was and then he offered to show me more in their computers. I had to pass that for the moment. I was flipping out.


The fact that they didn't have computers to do this is what makes them so beautiful. There was no technology to advertise a place or event. You had to try really hard to make sure this one piece was eye catching and unforgettable. So much care and effort.


I was amazed how well the colors were holding up. Some of these dated back to the 1800's.


Before visiting that poster museum, I remember passing by this sign a few times in the past. I thought it was a modern take of a vintage sign and kind of disregarded it. BUT, it isn't. It actually dates back to 1910. There are some ghost signs around the city that continues to intrigue me. Like seeing those posters above, it does feel like I'm going back into that time period when I see them. I start picturing what it was like at that time. So now I'm starting a personal project where I'm bringing these signs back to life. 


I can't get over this. It doesn't help that I want a dog badly.


You know how they say New York is magical. Well sometimes it is. I was just taking a quick snapshot and this adorable girl ran across dressed up as Princess Leia and ended up in the shot. 

July/August Favorites

This pic has a cluster of favs. The first is my blush pink jumpsuit from Zara! Look at that thing. I feel so fab in it that I had to grab my toe. I'm also proud that I can finally do that yoga pose. I also can do crow now. It's been 4 months of yoga so far and I still love it. Can't wait to do pretzels in the sky. 

Second, is the table!!! I struggled to get that thing home! But it was so worth it. I ordered it online from Urban Outfitters and had to get it delivered to work, got an uber, and swayed it to my apt. NY struggles! I love building things so it was rewarding in the end.

Third, is the Colorplan book on the middle shelf. Their papers and presentation is fab as always. Print will never be dead to me as much as people say.

Fourth, is my wallet from The Horse. I wanted a square zipper wallet in that red-brown leather so it now matches my key and card holder. I have a watch of theirs and love the quality of their products!

Fifth, is the black and white polka dot sunglass case. You have no idea how long it has taken me to find something decent to store my sunglasses that always break somehow. Thanks to Madewell, I found it! Bless them and SoHo for having easy access to shops!

Last but not least is that cactus card from the lovely Steph. She sent me the cutest package ever. Love you friend! And go check her blog out, she just had a beautiful baby girl named Mila! I can't wait to meet her <3


My buds have grown so much! My first plant was actually a Calathea and I killed the poor thing. It's a beautiful and delicate plant that needed indirect lighting and I gave it too much shade. I decided to stick to succulents for now as I have the perfect windowsill for it. The far left is an Aloe Vera, good to have in case you burn yourself! Which is why the tips are cut off ;) The middle plant is a Kalanchoe. It was about three inches high when I bought it. I didn't think it would grow that tall! It goes way beyond what you think. It throws out these long whiskers so it can grab moisture. The avocado pot plant is a Mother of Thousands. Yeah it's pretty alien as its babies grows from the edges of its leaves. Love that thing. It amazes me every time.

Having happy plants make me happy! I found this couple that hunts greenhouses and they said it beautifully. "We can't imagine our home without houseplants; they make us happy, surprise us with new leaves and fill the corners (or in our case the whole house) with energy and life."


There's something that attracts me to enter & Other Stories. But the times I've went, it was hard to find anything that resonated with me. I gave it another chance and I found this ring. My sis said it's very Fifth Element. Best compliment I could receive. 


This pic may seem random but I have to talk about it. I tried that B.E.C sandwich at the Egg Shop and I still can't stop thinking about it. Absolutely amazing. I've never eaten a bacon that completely melts in your mouth. And there's this sauce on top of the bottom bun. I don't even know what it is but hello you are welcome.

Songs that gave me goosebumps. Roosevelt swooped me away in August and Jamie Woon swooned me in July. 

Goodbye Summer, hello Fall! Some personal projects are coming to an end soon!

The Lowline

I still can't believe how much I keep learning about New York City's fascinating history. The Lowline is an idea that uses an abandoned trolley line to be converted into a park. Just like the Highline but underground. They say it could be the world's first underground park! I checked out a prototype they're trying out to see if its even possible. The plants looked pretty happy to me. That eventually led me to google the hell out of the old trolley system. There's something about NY's transit history that continues to fascinate me. The combo of abandoned history and futuristic ideas, yes please. Take me to another world.

Secret Garden

I went for a lil stroll around East Village today. It started off as a sunny day and according to the weather, it was just going to be cloudy. Nope. After I got a Salty Pimp from Big Gay Ice Cream, it started to rain. I still headed on over to 6BC Botanical Garden. What a cute and serene getaway! Since it was raining, not many people were around. Made it a bit more magical.

As I was fumbling around with my camera, I felt something weird when I put my foot down. It was that black cat! I'm not a fan of cats. I don't understand them. But this one instantly became my side kick. It made friendly gestures to me and followed me around the whole time! He or she had a funny personality as it would jump on top of rocks and stare in the distance.

Walking around the neighborhood made me realize how distinct each neighborhood is here in NYC. In a couple blocks, you have a completely different feel. As I walked around, the stores and the people give you clues of what the neighborhood is like. I heard someone practicing their saxophone, passed by a bunch of painted Ukrainian eggs, and saw a family preparing for dinner. It's better than tv. It changes your perspective instantly. Sometimes if I'm feeling stuck, I just take a stroll like this and my mind is refreshed. Also catching new Pokemon on the way doesn't hurt either ;)

May/June Favorites

I visited the famous Di Fara pizza! I usually like getting square pizzas but they had sold out. So I grabbed these two delicious slices. The ingredients are incredibly fresh, imported from Italy and Israel. The cutest thing is seeing DeMarco there making pizzas for more than 50 years. True dedication! He says that when he's in the kitchen, he just thinks about making pizza. He leaves all his problems behind and this is his time to focus. You can read more about him and his family here.

Tip: Don't go at times that you think you'll be hungry. I went at 5pm and there was no line. Once it hits 12pm or 6pm, the line is eternal.


My family bought me a NutriBullet as a birthday present in May. I'm a real adult now! Lately, I like mixing frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, milk and a dash of vanilla. I get this gorgeous purple drink in the end! Perfect after coming home on a summer day from yoga class.


I know, more tacos. I can't help it! It's a party in my mouth. I made them a bit more festive than usual. Grilled some garlic and lemon marinated chicken while preparing the side ingredients such as diced avocado, corn, tomato and red onion. After I add the diced chicken, I sprinkle Mexican cheese on top of it so it starts melting from heat residue . Then the grand finale is some dollops of ranch and Sriracha dots! Best tacos I've made so far. Tati original.


I've been searching for a new scent but nothing was really grabbing me. I then found it in the place I'd never suspect. At the JFK airport. It was in one of those magazine gum stores. Anything with amber or sandalwood in it is me. So naturally I tried this one and went to wait for my plane. I couldn't stop sniffing it every 5 seconds. I went back and bought it asap. I'm in love with it. I try not to use it everyday, afraid I'll get bored of it. Only $27!! See their collection here. Free samples with every order!


I've been helping my coworker rebrand himself for his 2016 reel. The Tombow brush pen has been the winner in selecting the right feel for him. Can't wait to vector this puppy!

These two albums kept me alive in this dry desert phase of music. Both did an incredible job coming back strong.

I don't own a tv so Youtube usually is my viewing pleasure. I ran into this video series for the first time and I absolutely loved it. James Corden drives musicians/celebs around to help him get to work. The best way to do it is to Car-aoke! When I drove in Miami, this was basically me minus the IRL celebs. But to have them next to you singing and reacting to their own songs was the cutest thing. It killed me. In my eyes, it made them seem more down to earth.

James Corden is charming and I think even stole the spotlight a bit sometimes! Singing old classic tunes from my youth was obviously the catch for me. I want him to do so much more!